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Loubouton Collection

Creations of two artistic partners, Natasha Sanz de Acedo and Bart A. Kistemaker. The title includes a pun on the main raw material used to form these works of art, a versatile object with extraordinary variety - an incredible collection of over 5 million vintage buttons, some dating back to 1800. This horde was amassed by the two button addicts while on their travels across Europe, Russia and Argentina, exploring every single old biscuit tin filled with untold treasures, and feeding off the history of humble and innocent button-loving owners blissfully unaware of their role. 

The 'Loubouton Collection' was born from the almost accidental appearance of a few buttons on an intentionally sober piece called 'Type X'. A passion for the detail, quality and richness, in both form and colour, of these small objects so neglected in the realms of clothing, gradually grew into a creative and cumulative obsession. 

Each piece's title, fashioned from eloquent wordplay and meaningful homonyms, echoes a particular depth of value... analogy of world history, such as the mirror 'Con Kissed Adored', where never-ending semantic and chromatic reflections interweave the Spanish Conquistadores' devouring appetite for Aztec gold, the native craftwork of American Indians, and the complex economic links that, even today, attract Europe to the Americas... 

...or an incarnation, like the vases 'Passion2' and 'Passion2 bis', vibrant shrines to the two sides of passion, like the two faces of Janus; the bottomless black showing suffering and bitterness, alongside the exultant vitality and burning virtue of the effervescent red... 

...or perhaps a scenario - an erotic game, where the unrecognizable Louis XV style desk is reborn as a woman, with iconic curves and long, venomous legs, hiding in her breast the secret of a real cigar humidor, conceived by a master cigar-maker, and baptized, under the aegis of the Queen of Seduction, 'Madame de Pompadour'. 

Each button is thoughtfully chosen for its close link to the spirit of the piece. Once the delicate and meticulous assembly of hundreds, even thousands, of buttons is complete, displaying a palette of hues and shades, cascading and contrasting, the piece is hand-varnished by a car body specialist. 

The ‘Loubouton Collection' offers a variety of decorative furniture, such as mirrors, tables, centrepieces for hotel lobbies, vases and, more recently, busts. 

This is more than emotion. This is synaesthesia. 

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